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Hi anyone who’s listening,

Every so often, I feel the need to write, so I’m back.

Several months ago, I was fortunate enough for a friend of mine to ask me to GM a superhero campaign.  My eyes rolled back into my head with ecstasy!

I told him that I’d be happy to, and that I had a great system to use:  Mutants & Masterminds by Green Ronin.

Now, many of you are perhaps shocked, since I devoted much of my substantial number of posts to Marvel SAGA, but realistically M&M was a better choice.  My friend and those friends he would bring along are d20 players, having come from a D&D campaign.  Also, M&M just released their 3rd edition.  And finally, M&M has current support from both GR and the fan base.

In summary, I am going to move the focus of this blog to discussing my trials and tribulations while GMing my campaign using M&M.  I will mix in some commentary along the way.

I hope you enjoy it!

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