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Historical Campaigns


With the release of the new Marvel game, I have begun to think more about how I run my own superhero games. My gaming group took a hiatus from our campaign last September, while I creatively recharged. I’m hoping to start again with the new system.
Our group, called RAD Squad (for Rapid Action Deployment) takes places in 1984-1985, after the majority of well-known heroes and villains of the time have disappeared during The Secret Wars, sponsored by The Beyonder.
Being set in the 1980s, I try hard to get the feel for the time by introducing personalities and plot lines that Marvel ran during those times, with some creative license when it comes to the exact timing of those events. Things like The Scourge, The Armor Wars, etc.
Beyond that, however, it’s difficult to invoke the 80s without going over the top. And let’s be honest, in superhero games, the technology can be as advanced as one needs, so that tends not to be a good benchmark.
Tangentially, I’ve always wanted to run a Steampunk game but never felt comfortable invoking the feel for that age…
If I have any readers, how do you handle this?

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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Hey all,

Back again, for Round 3!

Margaret Weis Productions is releasing a new Marvel RPG using their custom Cortex Plus system. The game goes live on February 28, 2012. Here is the link to purchase.

They have chosen an “event-based” model.  This means that they will release the basic game (called the Operations Manual), along with a mini-event based on Breakout (a storyline from the Avengers comic book). Following this, they will release supplemental books based upon other events. Interestingly, for each event, the consumer can choose to by the Premium edition (which includes the core rules along with the new event) or the Essential edition (which just has the event itself).

I have limited exposure to the Cortex Plus system, but I am totally psyched for this game.  I will hopefully be posting more soon…

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