Kree Sentry

Kree Sentry

Kree Sentry (used without permission)

Affiliations: Solo 3d8, Buddy 2d6, Team d4

Distinctions: Giant Robot, Kree Designed, Single-Minded

Godlike Stamina d12, Superhuman Strength d10, Superhuman Durability d10, Energy Blast d10, Enhanced Reflexes d8
SFX: Boost. Shutdown your highest rated Construct power to step up another Construct power by +1. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
SFX: Immune to Psychic Effects, Poison and Disease. Spend d6 to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from Psychic Effects, Poisons or Disease.
SFX: Wide-Angle Blast. Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.
Limit: Huge. Can’t attack anyone smaller than a child, can’t fit between narrow rocks, and other problems. Turn a Construct power into a Complication and add d6 doom. Spend d6 doom to recover.

Specialties: Combat Expert d8

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