Star Wars: HACK!

I’m slowly convincing my husband to roleplay with me. I really like the Cortex+ system used by the Marvel Heroic system.

(used without permission)

Here are some thoughts on how I would move in that direction:

1. Affiliations will become: Mind, Body, Force. Body for combat and physical tasks. Mind for mental/emotional tasks. Force for will-based tasks and using the Force. I might possibly move the will-based task to Mental, making Force purely about using the Force.

2. Add a Dark Side stress track for Force-users. When trauma passes d12, they become NPCs.

3. When a player uses the Force in a dark way, first roll vs. the Doom Pool. Add that power trait’s die to the Doom Pool. If the action fails, the player receives Dark Side stress equal to the Doom Pool’s effect die. If they action opposes another character, the GM will roll both the Doom Pool (to determine Dark Side stress) and the reaction of the opponent.

4. The Dark Side stress can be rolled against the player in times of temptation. Like a limit, the player can choose to include the Dark Side stress die for +1 PP, or the GM can invoke it for free if the player does not.

5. The player can use the Dark Side stress/trauma die any time, but it will be stepped up afterwards.

Any comments?

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: HACK!

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  2. Hi mates, its great paragraph concerning teachingand completely explained,
    keep it up all the time.

  3. Wow, this is excellent! It’s brief, changes only what needs to be changed in order to emulate Star Wars shenanigans and doesn’t go loco looking for other things to change.

    That said, I wonder how you would address the role of power sets in the game, since in Star Wars, you’re not really going to have powers per se. Would a power set instead be a few areas of expertise/things you’re cool at doing, plus maybe some equipment? I’ve seen some folks present just that, such that, say, a smuggler-type might have a “Scoundrel” power set with (say) Blaster d8, Enhanced Reflexes d8 and Fast Talk d10. This “Scoundrel” set would then have a SFX or two (Maybe “Multiple Targets” for Blaster) and a limitation as well (maybe you can shut down “Fast Talk” to represent putting your foot in your mouth, or something).

    Anyway, yeah. What’s your take?

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