House Rule: Doom Pool Dice Equivalencies

Hi all! I had a thought this morning as I walked the dogs…

Doctor Doom (used without permission)

I was thinking about how, during my last Verge campaign game, I teleported two of the heroes in Buddy configuration away from the rest of the group. It was a natural progression of the story, and I gave the other two players a chance to interact before they disappeared, but I did not spend any doom dice to split them up. At this point they weren’t working as a team (the other two were separately and covertly watching from a distance), so I didn’t think I needed to spend any doom dice to split the group.

I started thinking about how, if I needed, to retroactively spend dice. And I wondered if I had the right dice in the doom pool (I wrote down what was in it before the game ended) to complete the split, namely the highest affiliation die of the heroes I teleported away. In this case, if they had been working as a team, it would have been a d8.

I thought, okay, well, specialties have shown us that it is possible to substitute d10 for 2d8 or 3d6, and d8 for 2d6. So, if I didn’t have the d8, I could just spend 2d6 from the doom pool! And this started me thinking that perhaps I could do use this at any time, even substituting 8d6 for 2d12, or 6d8, or 4d10, if I wanted to end a scene. After all, for each player opportunity (and giving them 1PP), I can step up the lowest die in the doom pool anyway.

In summary, whenever spending dice from the doom pool: d12 = 2d10 = 3d8 = 4d6.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “House Rule: Doom Pool Dice Equivalencies

  1. Shane Bradley

    Pretty cool actually

  2. couldn’t agree more. It seems that building the doom pool is like that anyway and that gives more resource management control for the learning Watcher

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