Running on Ongoing Campaign with MHR

Hi all,

The Watcher (used without permission)

As I’ve been Watching my campaign for the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, I’ve noticed how Action Scenes and Transition scenes seem natural ways to break-up the flow of the Event, as designed by the good people at Margaret Weis Productions.

However, as an ongoing campaign, I’m not sure this is the best structure to hold the game to. My sessions tend to be much more organic, some heroes switching between battles and roleplaying scenes while another subgroup doing the reverse, instead of having the whole group move between them as the Event demands.
As a consequence is that I usually ditch the Scene-Act-Event sequence for Scene-Issue-Arc-Campaign:

  • Scenes are pretty much the same, but I do not wait for everyone to finish before moving to the next, whether it be Transition or Action. If someone wants to heal during breaks in the action, I judge whether they have enough time to do so.
  • Issues are simply gaming sessions, and can be any permutation of transitions and action.
  • Arcs are the equivalent of Events, and are two to three Issues. Unlockables and Milestones are geared towards Arcs, not individual Issues.
  • Campaign is the overarching, ongoing story, made up of Arcs and stand-alone Issues.

Given that XP is designed to be given out and cashed in during self-contained Events, I have modified them slightly, to produce a slower payoff:

  • 1XP can only be hit once a Scene.
  • 3XP can only be hit once an Issue.
  • 10XP can only be hit once an Arc.

What do you think?

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