Kang (used without permission)

Solo      Buddy      Team

Distinctions: Ruthless Conqueror, Shrewd Tactician, Thrill-Seeker


Enhanced Reflexes      Enhanced Stamina      Psychic Resistance

SFX: Second Wind. Before you make an action including an EVOLVED PHYSIOLOGY power, you may remove your physical stress die (or greater) from the doom pool and step up the EVOLVED PHYSIOLOGY power by +1 for this action.

SFX: Careful Planner. Spend d6 to borrow the highest die in the doom pool as an asset for your next action, then step back and return the doom die.

Limit: Prideful. Add d6 to doom when you step up stress or complications caused by emotional manipulation.

Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any EVOLVED PHYSIOLOGY power to add d6 to doom pool or step up lowest. Recover power by activating a player’s opportunity or spending a d6 from the doom pool.


Superhuman Durability      Gadgets      Blasters     Melee Weapons     Hover Pad       Time Ship

SFX: Area Attack. Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

SFX: Boost. Shutdown your highest rated ADVANCED TECH power to step up another ADVANCED TECH power by +1. Recover power by activating a player’s opportunity, or by spending d6 from the doom pool.

SFX: Burst. Step up or double an ADVANCED TECH die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total.

SFX: Summon Minion from Timestream. Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using ADVANCED TECH to create minion assets.

SFX: Dangerous. Add a d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1.

Limit: Gear. Shutdown an ADVANCED TECH trait and add a d6 or step up lowest in doom pool.  Spend d6 from the doom pool to recover.

Specialties: Combat Master      Crime Master      Tech Master

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