House Rule: Campaign Assets and Complications

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During games, heroes and villains can create assets, complications and resources that allow them to add dice to their action/reaction rolls.
While working on my Verge campaign, I began to think about how I would handle my group’s reputation. Their team is a band of intergalactic specialists-for-hire. They’re not quite heroes, but not quite villains, and they certainly do their job for the money.

In the FATE system, campaigns can have Aspects that the players can invoke at any time, as long as the theme of their actions match that of the Campaign Aspect. So, I thought, why can’t I use this idea?

For example, I decided to give my player’s group a persistent Reputation Asset die that they can roll in their dice pool, if their team’s reputation is at stake. This Reputation die can be rolled in addition to another asset (like Scene Distinctions can also be rolled with Personal Distinction, as suggested as another House Rule).

The die will step up or step down depending on their actions during the adventure. Did they complete their mission? Did they cause too much collateral damage? Did the exceed their mandate? If they consistently foul up, then the die moves from being an asset to a complication (and is thus rolled against them whenever their reputation is involved).

The progression would be d12 Asset -> d10 Asset -> d8 Asset -> d6 Asset -> d0 Neither -> d6 Complication -> d8 Complication -> d10 Complication -> d12 Complication.

Individual or group wealth can also be handled in this manner, when making Resource rolls involving purchases, for example.

Or perhaps you just want to keep track of the campaign’s progress, depending on the actions of the heroes. Suppose the campaign revolves around a theme of war and peace.

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The War/Peace die could be rolled whenever their respective themes are involved. The progression can look something like this d12 WAR! -> d10 Troop Build-Up -> d8 Weapon-Making -> d6 Harsh Words -> d0 Status Quo -> d6 Peace Talks -> d8 Disarmament -> d10 Demobilization -> d12 Peace Accord

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